Friday, May 11, 2012

Auto Insurance

Not all Auto Insurance is the same.  I used to think they were and just went with lowest premium. 
A couple years ago, I had a local insurance company that was cheap.  Then, one day, I got a letter in the mail that said they would no longer cover insurance in my state.  I had 1 month to look for new insurance.  I ended up finding another local, cheap insurance company and signed up.  Recently, I also needed to get some home insurance and found out the company I was with didn’t offer it.  So I found myself looking again for insurance.  I decided not to go cheap anymore and pay the extra 5% or so every six months for a company that I can rely on for everything.  Plus I was able to  get a discount having both my Auto and Home Insurance with the same company (multi-policy discount).   PS - It also took me a week just to cancel my cheap insurance…no one would answer the phone!  Good thing it wasn’t an emergency.
After shopping around, I choose to go with a larger company with a solid financial background.  There are websites that rate Insurance companies (this was news to me).  Fitch and AM Best are two sites that I have used.  I would suggest getting quotes from more than one company, even if you don’t need to change anything now.  Who knows, they just might be able to save you money!

Allstate is one company that provides free quotes.  I like it because it’s easy and simply to use.
So now I have an Insurance Company for ALL of my insurance needs.  I am saving money by getting the “multi-policy” discount and I have confidence they will answer the phone for me.
Bonus:  I can receive and pay my premiums online.  And they give me a discount for doing so!

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