Sunday, May 13, 2012

How to Get Credit Card for College Student

Now many banks make easier for student to get credit cards. Even granting a credit card for college student regardless of whether they performed part-time student or full time. Undergraduate or postgraduate, international students who visit, work or study in the U.S. One of the requirements to get  the credit card is at least 18 years old. Students who are no older than 18 years must obtain parental or guardian consent.

Ownership of credit cards for college student also can help them to make a good credit history  that they need in the future, especially in order they can get loans, including loans  to purchase car, house or a cash loan. Without having a history of credit cards, many international students and scholars is difficult to get a credit card.

Of course, in order to build a history of credit card, then they must have a credit card. Or at least have a history of paying debts, whatever their type of debt. Many students are frustrated because their credit card application was rejected on the grounds they did not have a history of credit cards. In fact, they desperately need a credit card to get credit to meet expenses while studying.

How they can get a student credit card?

Before you apply for student credit card, you must ensure yourself that you later can make monthly bill payments on time. This requirement is an absolute you must run well if the ownership of your credit cards you do not want to get  trouble.!

First: Ask for a secured credit card to help you build your credit history. Coming to the bank, and ask if they offer a secured credit card. Secured credit card is the type of credit card with a deposit. This means that your credit can be served only to the extent the amount of your deposit at the bank. If your credit equal to the funds you deposit, then you do not owe anymore. You need to wait for next month. Unless there are other people to lend money to you.

Paying bills every month under the scheduled time will help you to have a good credit history.

Second: credit card for college student is open to all students living in the United States for some time. Therefore, international students still have a chance to get a credit card.

Third: full time students can contact the bank in order to apply for student credit cards. The Bank will handle requests your credit card.

Fourth: It should be others willing to become a guarantor. Here you should do when your credit card applications are denied by bank. Who will be the guarantor,you should find anyone from  our relationship.

What benefits you can get them from student credit card?

Ownership of credit card for college students can help them to learn how to be responsible, especially in personal financial management. Your credit card score will increase if you can use your credit card properly. Credit cards also educate students to recognize about debt and interest in the bank. With the right and appropriate guidance, they  will be able to benefit more from getting a student credit card.

What is weaknesses student credit card?

If  student credit card is not used properly and responsibly, the student will be burdened with a large amount of debt. In fact, even after graduation they can be repaid debts. Generally students who fare poorly  like this because their credit cards are not managed properly. Credit cards are considered as ”free money”.
It usually starts from late payment of montly bills and then accumulate from month to month, so that eventually reach large numbers. So if you have credit card bills, get paid. No need to pay the minimum amount. If your credit bills paid quickly, then you will not be affected by higher interest expense.

Enjoy your credit card for college student, but be careful when shopping. Always pay monthly bills on time. Better bills settled immediately so that you are not exposed to high rate.

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