Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bad Credit Rating – Having Applied Bank Secured Visa Credit Card

Are you now have a bad credit rating and want to get out of credit conditions that are not encouraging it? And you also do not want to bear the high prices and the annual percentage fee for securing your traditional credit cards?

One interesting option for you is to have the Applied Bank Secured Visa credit card. Because, in the ownership of this credit card you can set own credit limit you’ll capture. That started a minimum of $ 200 and a maximum of $ 500. Of course, you must deposit funds. The amount of the corresponding amount of funds you deposit.

Who is entitled to Applied Bank Secured Visa credit card? Consumers who score at least 649 bad credit. They qualify for a secured Visa card.

How much is the registration fee to obtain the credit card? There is no fee you must pay. The flowers remain jugs, ie 12.99 per cent. April was also not increased, despite the late payment on your credit.

Fee that You must Paid is:
  • In the late-payment fee to $ 35.
  • The annual cost of $ 50 for the first year.
  • Cost of maintenance per month $ 9.95.
This credit card is accepted worldwide at millions of locations. There are also reporting to the credit monitoring agencies. You need to know, not all credit card providers report your credit to credit monitoring agencies. So, you have to be carefully when choosing a credit card  provider. That’s important tips to improve your bad credit rate.

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